MUS 4.2

Provides flexible start and control functions for Diesel Generators…
MSU4.0 control panel offers extensive start and control functions for Gen-Sets, where mains control is not required.

MSU4.0 Automatic/Manual Start control unit is designed for single Generators, where mains line monitoring is not required. The unit has all the necessary functions to start the Diesel engine safely and control engine parameters, while monitoring the alternator voltage and load current.
All voltage and current values are monitored in True RMS values and displayed on the panel. There is no need for additional panel meters. Load power is also measured and displayed. User can operate functions on these values.
The unit also provides all the necessary protection and monitoring of the engine values. The engine temperature and oil pressure is also displayed on analog bar graph displays, hence eliminating the use of additional gauges on the panel. Pre-heat function can be used for secure starting under very cold whether conditions.
The DC battery voltage is measured and displayed. Alarm function can also be initiated, depending on the battery supply voltage. All alarms are logged and the last 10 alarms can be seen in the past log records. The unit can be remotely controlled by a remote start input function, hence allowing gen-set to be controlled by other systems. Engine working hours are recorded in the system memory. Load power is also measured and monitored and special functions can be activated on these measured values. User can also program periodic service time for the engine.
The unit has configurable i/o ports which can be programmed according to user application. Analog measuring input calibration can be made from the menu. There is no need to open the unit enclosure. Five digital displays allow most critical values to be displayed simultaneously, which allows easy monitoring from the front panel.

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